CD & DVD Templates

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Insert Templates

Our CD/DVD insert templates provide everything you need to get your art work print ready. These templates have been designed to ensure that your job will move quickly and smoothly through our print shop and packaging departments. Differences of as little as 1/32 of an inch can cause problems in the printing and packaging process. Jobs not in fitted to our templates take longer for us to check, and will delay turnaround time. If we have to adjust your artwork, you will be imposed a $75 fee.

Design and Submiting Guidelines

For faster processing your final design should be in the following file formats:
(.TIF, .JPG, .PDF, and .EPS.) at bit map resolutions of 300 dpi/ppi and CMYK format

  • Embed, Outline,Flatten or Rasterize any fonts in your files.
  • DO NOT Flatten the template onto your artwork.
  • PhotoShop/PSD layers are accepted provided all text files are rasterized.
  • If you are unsure or require professional assistance, DO NOT HESITATE to contact us ASAP.


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